Buccal Lipectomy Nashville TN

A “baby face” is created by large fat pads in our cheeks that help us during breastfeeding and give us that adorable look in photographs. As we mature and become adults our fat pads thinned down and our faces transform into a slimmer version where high cheek bone and chiseled jaw line give us sculpted appearance. In some instances that “fat pad” doesn’t dissipated and continue into our adulthood. This is most likely due to genetic disposition making them appear “overweight” and more round. Removing this fat is an elegant yet safe procedure that combined art and surgery to achieve a sculpted and athletic look.

When we are born we all have large fat pads in our cheeks that create the round, chubby “baby faces” that look so adorable in photographs. As we grow up, these chubby faces usually transform into the more sculpted appearance of the adult face with cheekbone highlights and a distinct jawline. However, this is not the case for everyone and in some people the round, chubby cheeks of childhood do not dissipate and instead remain into adulthood. In fact, due to heredity, some people may never lose the childhood “chubby” look in their cheeks which can make them appear “overweight” and less attractive in adulthood.  Buccal fat pad removal is an elegant but simple procedure that is designed to help patients that have full, round or “chubby” cheeks achieve a more sculpted, athletic facial appearance.

The buccal fat pads are an often-overlooked portion of the facial aging process. The buccal fat pads are located in the lower portion of the face and when they are large they can give a person the appearance of “chubby” or “chipmunk” cheeks. As we get older, the buccal fat pad descends into the jowl, giving the face a rounder and older look.  These are removed through a small incision inside the mouth.  Recovery is typically quick with minimal bruising. The overall look is one of a patient that appears to have lost weight as well as a more chiseled face with higher appearing cheek bones. The change afterwards is a subtle, beautiful thinning of the cheeks and not a drastic or unnatural change in appearance. Most people will simply ask if you have “lost weight.”