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Imagine a sculptor chiseling away into a masterpiece, we have incorporate a patient’s own fat (using liposuction and VASER technologies) to re-sculpture nearly any part of your body.

By removing and transferring purified fat strategically into the body, we can sculpt a more desired appearance. Utilizing the purified fat as a sculpting medium allows us to provide you with a defined result that would be impossible for you to achieve, even with years in the gym.

Hi Def Sculpturing 101

The idea of ‘beauty’ has and will continually change. However, the ideals will always maintain a standard form: hourglass figure, trim waist, v-shaped torso and muscular definition is consistently sought after (for females and male) all over the world.

HI Def Liposuction Training

Dr. Ramirez Gavidia and his staff have been certified by world renowned Hi Def Lipo Pioneer, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos in Bogota, Columbia. Here they participated in several surgeries and perfected the overlooked post-surgery routine that allows patients to achieve their best body ever.

VASER Technology

4D VASER Hi-Def patients are marked before surgery for muscle area deflation, as well as the spaces between the muscles to account for. This means, where the surgeon is going to remove and relocate the fat. Using 4D-VASER Hi Def machine provides the surgeon with a state-of-the-art fat filtration and collection system.


VASER’s state-of-the-art laser creates ultrasonic waves to break down fat tissue. This gently breaks apart adipose tissue, reduces heat generation, and nearly eliminates any chance of trauma to the surrounding tissues.


Your adipose (fat) tissue will be collected and used by your surgeon as an all-natural sculpting medium.
Once your sterilized fat tissue is collected and filtrated, your doctor will strategically reinsert the fat with ultrasound guidance.


Components Of Light and Shadow are used to identify each patient’s unique curves and anatomy. These designes are used to mark each patient for their own unique body contouring alteration.

Vaser Procedures Available